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Yesterday I wanted to quickly send over some large files from my debian server to an ancient windows one on my home network. The server is running on ZFS, so in theory, install samba, set usershares on, zfs set smbshare=on rpool/x.

I ended up copying over on an SD card after ~1 hour of fighting with smb version compatibility, smb vs linux permissions, workgroup mismatches due to localised windows.

I find HTTP generally much more reliable. Normally I use woof (just run "woof <file>" to start an HTTP server serving that file), but I'd like to find something better, since it doesn't handle multiple connections well.

woof also supports uploads (shows a basic uploading page), which is nice when you want to transfer to a server.

http://www.home.unix-ag.org/simon/woof.html (but it's packaged in Debian)

I do this all the time too. I use Twisted wherever twistd is installed by default:

  twistd -n web -p 8000 --path ./path/
I've also used the npm package http-server when node is more convenient:

  npm install -g http-server && http-server -p 8000 ./path/

  python -m http.server

Thanks for the suggestions!

I like magic-wormhole for this:


Ha, I ssh-ed a box and wanted to download a file ... several stackexchange threads later and I ignored ssh/rcp and other suggestions and just used the fish: protocol in dolphin (on KDE) and drag-dropped the file. I'm sure it took way longer than it should but the other methods seemed way more complex, I was expecting a ftp-like copy command to be available.

Hmm, scp is pretty easy to use. If you can ssh to a host, it should work.

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