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> That's like saying busybox is an operating system

I think that I will have to disagree with that. Instead I would argue that it is actually like saying that Busybox + Linux is an operating system as defined by POSIX or like saying that if Busybox had its own kernel it would be its own operating system as defined by POSIX.

> GNU is not an operating system, but some small projects that are used as minor components of Linux distributions

In my previous post I mentioned some of the components that allow GNU to be used as a modern and POSIX compatible OS. It just so happens that most Bash distributions instead of using GNU Mach use Linux as their kernel.

> as minor components of Linux distributions

I think that calling them as "minor components" is quite a bold claim.

> Nobody uses them

Does not change the fact that they are both part of the GNU project. Nor does it change the fact that one can use them in order to run the GNU operating system without 3rd party software.

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