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Did the same, but from. Bitstamp to Kraken (Bitstamp took the same position as Coinbase). Kraken supports USD now, which it didn't used to last time I traded there, so I'll probably just stick with Kraken.

I imagine most of the exchanges that didn't support BCH are going to lose a lot of customers over it.

Folks like us voicing this stuff may make them rethink things and they retroactively make it right for the people who didn't bother to be proactive. Which would then just add insult to injury for us! Well at least I got some good experience out of it...

Honestly this seems like an off shoot thread to try to submarine and try and give legitimacy to the fork while taking swipes at those that opposed it.

I didn't know much about the fork up until a few days ago, but I did know to make sure I unloaded everything off of Coinbase if I wanted to benefit and double my tiny little bit of BTC since there had been a notice for weeks now about how they won't support it and a cursory Google search showed what you needed to benefit.

...so update -- it came true. Coinbase has buckled under the backlash and will make everyone's BCC available to them. Your welcome to everyone who was too lazy to withdraw their funds. You didn't have navigate the byzantine manual process to claim your coins. :)

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