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As a non-early adopter of blockchain tech, I appreciated the clarity that Coinbase decided on here. "You don't have to worry about anything."

Which, if you aren't familiar with what the word "fork" means in the developer world, was exactly what I wanted to hear from a legitimate company like Coinbase.

Kraken made it also quite clear, like 1 BTC in your account = 1 BCC.

And BCC will start at 0.01 BTC.

To me you don't need to be a developer to understand that.

"What's the difference? Will this happen again? Do I automatically have any of this newfangled bitcoin cash?"

"Does that mean I got free money? Is it a paper version of Bitcoin? Why can't they create it from scratch? Are they affiliated? Why is it called a fork? Should I buy Bitcoin before a fork? What's the point? Why 1 BTC = 1 BCC? Who decided that? Is it same on other exchanges? Why does BCC start at 0.01 BCC?"

"Sure, no, they could, no, software term, if you want to, independence, because of how the software works, see previous, for any that support them, because that's what it's valued at right now.

Any other easily-googlable questions? :)"

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