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trustyou.com | Python and Ruby Backend | Munich, Germany | SALARY: 55k-80k EUR | ONSITE |

We at Trustyou help hotels to track the happiness of their guests: We scan booking.com, trip-advisor and other sources to enable hotel owners to understand customer’s feedback that is usually scattered all over the web.

Recently we bought a Ruby messaging app (that helps hotels to chat in real-time with guests) and would need a Ruby engineer.

We use Python heavily on the backend and always look for Python or Fullstack engineers. We have a great software engineering culture. We often sponsor tech-events and conferences like PyMunich and Europython.

Interview process:

1) Phone call with a technical person

2) Coding task via qualified.io (skipped depending on first impression)

3) Onsite half day with us (we pay expenses)

Send us a short intro about yourself:


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