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I don't think increasing the block size is an obvious win. I've seen others say it won't in fact do much to increase scalability, and there are also these arguments against it:



It's been an obvious win for a long time. If Chinese miners want to delay propagation, they can just do that.

The other complaints about expensive nodes are unfounded. Just downloading existing blocks is still very feasible at 8MB even with data caps.

This could have been prevented by going to 2 or 4 megs years back, avoiding the stupid arguments and providing real solid experimental data in the process. It'd have alleviated some of the congestion, too.

But segwit did go to 4MB (worst case), except done in a backwards compatible way, and removing the current unfortunate bias that creating new outputs is cheaper for transactions than consuming old outputs, though obviously the latter is better for the network as a whole.

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