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Redwood City, CA | Full time | ONSITE | http://bravahome.com

tldr; - We need a DevOps/SRE Lead and a Junior/Mid Full Stack Web Engineer.

You probably haven’t heard of us but we’ve spent the last few years building a better way to cook food. I guess you could call it an IoT device, however, we did way more than just put a screen and wifi connection on an existing technology. We use computer vision, machine learning, various sensors, a completely novel heating system, and applied physics to cook amazing food quickly and consistently. We’ve recently raised a Series B round and are gearing up for launch.

On the technology side of the company we have teams of culinary scientists, embedded engineers, software engineers, automation engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and even a physics professor. We are all working together to build a great product. Our experienced software engineers have built a myriad of backend software to support our device, mobile apps, and web site. We have to scale always-on connections from our devices as well as mobile and web applications, support auto-updates, an eCommerce system, analytics events, device telemetry, logs, monitoring, machine learning clusters, and more. We’re largely using open source software packaged up in Docker images and orchestrated with Kubernetes, running on a mix of AWS and GCP. We want our systems to be hosted cross-region, highly available, and cloud-agnostic.

We must have secure, performant, and highly available backend systems. Right now we have a gap in our team and are in need of a DevOps Engineer to get our systems production ready. As the first hire on our DevOps team, you would be responsible for taking ownership of our deployments/infrastructure and setting the standard of how we manage it going forward.

We also need a Junior/Mid level full stack engineer, ideally with a front-end focus, that can help us create all of the things that DevOps engineer will have to manage. We work in Python/Django and NodeJS/Express, with a largely Postgres/Redis/Kafka backend.

You can email me directly at jd+jobs@bravahome.com

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