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Cyndx Networks | Senior Software Engineer, Backend Engineer | Santa Monica, CA | Onsite https://www.doppler.ai

We operate at all levels of the stack: So we’re responsible for the full stack, from our backend APIs to our front-end built nearly completely using Angular.js.

Preferably you would have full-stack engineering experience in any of the following languages: JavaScript,Python/Django, Ruby/Ruby on Rails and a Minimum of 3 years of industry experience in engineering.

We are looking for someone with 3+ years experience developing software as part of a team or with interesting Open source or side projects.

Engineers who have experience with best practices such as A/B testing, test coverage(most of us practice BDD). Evidence of exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application (e.g., well-designed APIs, high volume data pipelines, efficient algorithms)

While the company is Cyndx Networks our latest product(linked to here) Doppler is a tool focused around helping companies raise funding including a tool for matching you to the right investors, helping you manage them through a fundraise process with a built in CRM and data room and a dashboard to keep your board/advisors/investors apprised of what's going on during the fundraising process.

As a multiple time past founder we built this because we wanted to see it exist - now that we have companies using it the feedback has been great.

In a nutshell its like having an analyst to tell you who to reach out to (we have an algorithm that recommends investors to your company and tells you why) plus docsend for giving access to your docs and then a complete dashboard to see who accessed them and when at scale all powered by dataroom providers you'd typically pay a lot of money for.

Some Perks

Subsidized lunch Great Healthcare All the Equipment you need (multiple monitors, New Macs etc.) Healthy Vacation (We're a very family oriented bunch)

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