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Cabify (www.cabify.com/jobs) | Madrid, Spain | Full Time | Engineers (Ruby, Elixir, Go, Javascript, Android), Product Analyst/Analytics, Data Scientists, Product Designers

Cabify is Spanish/Latin American Uber-alternative operating in >40 cities across LatAm and Europe. We're growing rapidly and expanding our team, primarily based in Madrid. We have a number of roles open in our Product team (Engineering, data science, analytics and design).

Apply or reach out if you want to work on some real-world problems and help evolve personal transportation across Europe and Latin America. We'd consider positions based in one of our latin American offices, but really looking for people to work out of our core office in Madrid, or secondary office in Barcelona.

I'm still waiting for you to open some security/tech risk positions =)

Hi! Drop me a line at david at cabify com. We're looking at opening a role there now.

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