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Haiku | https://haiku.ai | Engineer #1 (Experienced, Multi-Language, Founder Mentality) | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE or REMOTE

Haiku is a desktop design tool empowering designers to craft app components that ship to production. Unlike code generators or prototyping tools, we keep designers CONNECTED to their work by integrating vector design tools, version control systems, and packages managers, all through our visual interaction design tool and cloud services.

You can think of it as what Flash would be if it were created in 2017: by connecting the dots between modern workflows, Haiku lets designers and engineers create, together.

We just closed our pre-seed fundraise, so we're hitting the gas pedal on our product. Our team is currently 4 strong, and we're all very passionate about this space/problem—you will be #5 and the first full-time engineer. [EDIT: clarification, the CEO, CTO, and Designer #1 also all write code]

Our stack:


  * JavaScript/React/Electron  
  * Lots of Websocket/IPC work (JS perf)   
  * Some TypeScript, adding more

  * Go   
  * AWS  
  * Postgres
You can reach out with questions or interest to jobs@haiku.ai

Can you describe your idea of someone who is a regular employee but has a "Founder Mentality?"

Namely, someone who thrives with a lot of responsibility, freedom, and latitude with decision-making. Who thinks laterally and brings some "hustle" to the table, instead of simply awaiting orders.

We're currently remote, so no one's gonna stand over your shoulder and count hours in your seat, but this position is early/pivotal enough that the success of the company will be a function of this person's impact. It's gotta be someone who understands this and knows how to row their own canoe as well as row crew.

someone who has all the responsibility of a founder with all the potential upside of barely becoming a millionaire if it ever turns into a unicorn.

and you obviously work founder hours for employee compensation.

hi is this remote us only or worldwide ?

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