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Firefox Send: Encrypt and send large files (firefox.com)
124 points by mikejarema on Aug 1, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

One thing I noticed was that it deletes the file upon download initialisation and not completion. So one downside is that if your friend cancels the download to try again later, they won't be able to.

One upside is that others won't be able to initiate and get the download at the same time - but perhaps if the download was cancelled, the tab closed, the item should become downloadable again?

If like me you wondered where was the encryption key... It's the fragment identifier of the URL, i.e. not sent as part of the request to the remote server, it a client-side only value.

I should have posted the link to the actual product: https://send.firefox.com/

No, this was good: I got to read a bit of how & why first, which the actual site doesn't have.

https://transfer.sh is much better and allows even larger files

Looks interesting, but a quick glance through the site and the primary GitHub repo doesn't give much information about the project. Is there any differentiating factor here besides being CLI-first?

Firefox send has much better UI. You have to actually read the text of transfer.sh to find out how to upload via browser, while Firefox Send is immediately obvious for the average Joe.

Good luck with Joe.

This is pretty cool. It's a nice start. I'd like a solution for transferring for example ~1TB files securely. Global scape is the only easy sol I've found so far for sharing securely with one off partners, I mean beside encrypted drives.

WebRTC might be a solution, if you are okay with peer-to-peer transfers, and don't need the sender and receiver to act in different time slots.

Something like https://file.pizza is really neat, and apparently have no upper limit.

Thanks, will have to look into that one.

We're not quite at that range, but we share ~100GB of files via SFTP. Both sides have fairly powerful connections, so it works for us.

UPS. :)

how do companies manage to serve up all the bandwidth for this for free? even storage will be costly at this scale right?

It says that the files will be removed after 24 hours, or after the first download, so I imagine storage requirements are not going to be completely unmaintainable. It's still gotta cost a bit though.

Sadly this page doesn't even load unless I whitelist Mozilla Telemetry in uMatrix.

Don't suppose anyone from Mozilla can fix that?

Well, it is part of Mozilla TestPilot, whose goal is to let you test experimental functions in exchange to extensive tracking of your use of those functions.

That makes sense but I'd really like to read about it before I let it violate my browser with Javascript.

And doesn't load at all with cookies off too (javascript on). Looks handy though.

1 gigabyte... this is small.

It doesn't work in Safari.

It does work in Safari Tech Preview so it'll work in Safari 11 when that's released. Looks like it relies on the Web Crypto API which is prefixed (and possibly an incompatible version) in Safari 10.

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