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Nimbl3 www.nimbl3.com - ONSITE - Fulltime - Sponsor Visa - Bangkok,Thailand| https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3

We are a software development studio focused on building products for startups of Asia Pacific Region and Europe. We work with startups from Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong in verticals, you won't get bored. Join us! Our clients are well-funded, recognized startups and backed by early-stage Alibaba investors, Ensogo,and DeNA.

- Front end Developer https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/d8f6b2c1

- Node.JS Developer https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/84a7ef03

- Android Developer https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/820c7cca?locale=en

- iOS developer https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/810d25a4?locale=en

- Ruby/Rails Developer https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/049ee05b

- Software engineering Interns https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/66dd3961

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