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WriteLab | ML Engineer | Berkeley, CA | ONSITE, SALARY: 100K-130K

We at WriteLab (writelab.com) are building ML tools to give immediate writing feedback for students and English language learners. There is plenty of room to impact the product by designing and implementing new features, usually starting with data collection. We use all the good stuff in deep learning and NLP including: SpaCy, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, etc.

Strong background in machine learning and experience deploying ML models in production is a must. NLP and DL experience is a strong plus.

Interview process: initial video call with NLP engineer onsite interview to discuss previous experience and go through an NLP / ML problem lunch with CEO

Apply at Angelist (https://angel.co/writelab/jobs/243578-machine-learning-nlp-e...) or email me at motoki@writelab.com.

If you're searching for salary range with £, €, or $, don't miss this one!

Not sure how to edit but should be $!

How many people do you have on your ml team so far? I'm doing ML research (NLP for determining writing quality and similarity, amusingly) for my company and it's getting a bit lonely.

Hi jo_,

We have - 1 ML/NLP engineer (me) - 1 CEO w/ a linguistics background - 1 founder is an English professor at Berkeley - 2 with previous experience teaching English - 1 Berkeley PhD in Deep Learning / NLP advising us - 1 Berkeley PhD in English helping us categorize writing issues

We're working on assessing writing quality too. Get in touch!

Hi jo_ I'd love to talk with you about Alexa's NLP and ML research team in Cambridge, MA ebbounty@amazon.com send me a note! We have a robust team of senior and principal engineers and scientists to learn from

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