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ProsperWorks | ( Web / Server / Mobile ) Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA, US | Full-time | ONSITE https://www.prosperworks.com/careers

At ProsperWorks, we've built the CRM that sales teams love to use. We integrate tightly with Gmail, G Suite and RingCentral to give our users up-to-the-minute data without a lot of manual data entry. We have thousands of paying customers, top-tier investors, real revenue and we're growing fast.

We're looking for experienced software engineers to join us. You will work closely with our small cross-functional teams of developers, QA analysts, product managers and designers. We work steadily, collaboratively and iteratively to ship software to customers every two weeks.

Our server is Ruby on Rails, our web client is Ember and we have native Android and iOS apps. Like most mid-stage startups, we're in the process of paying down technical debt as we build a solid foundation to serve us through our "hockey stick" growth. We're committed to automated testing, refactoring and improving code quality; we want every commit to leave the code a little better than we found it while shipping compelling new features to our users every sprint.

Our interview process consists of a phone screen followed by a half day on-site interview of three 45 minute sessions covering algorithmic thinking, system design/architecture and hands-on coding, then a talk with an engineering manager about culture, fit and career goals. We’re respectful of candidate’s time, so we try to extend offers within a couple of working days.

Our careers page: https://www.prosperworks.com/careers

Please mention “HN: Who is hiring?” in your cover letter.

Questions? Email me! I’m don at prosperworks.

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