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Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services | Software Engineers, Engineering Managers and Program Managers | Redmond, WA and Durham, NC | Onsite

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) provides software development teams with version control (Git and centralized), build automation, agile work management and social experiences in the cloud.

VSTS is built using Azure (SQL, Storage, Service Bus, Active Directory), .NET/C#, ASP.NET MVC, Redis, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Knockout, and more. We ship new experiences at the end of every sprint (every 3 weeks), and we use VSTS to build VSTS which allows us to use everything before our customers.

We have open roles for Software Engineers, Engineering Managers and Program Managers: http://aka.ms/vstsjobs

I'm surprised at the line regarding the need for work authorisation in the US. I would've assumed that Microsoft would be willing to arrange visas for those of us outside of America.

Really love what you guys are doing with VSTS. The UI and features for CI builds are coming along nicely. We're big fans at my company.

Now if only you could fix that cost of living in Seattle... :)

Considering average tech pay in Seattle, Seattle's cost of living isn't much of an issue compared to say the Bay Area.

Join us in Raleigh, then? =P

Would love to work on VSTS and implement alllll the missing features and fix the broken parts of the UI.

We're using it at work and have a love/hate relationship with it.

But I'm not leaving Singapore.

Wow, you guys have done some really neat stuff - I can't believe I somehow missed it. All C# on the backend, or anything else? Any Golang in play yet?

Mostly C# and SQL Server in the backend. WRT Go, we've made a few contributions to the Git LFS client, but it's not something we use in the core backend code b/c it doesn't really integrate with ASP.NET.

Any remote/edh options? I live in NYC

We have a lot of remote folks. Location shouldn't be a blocker.

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