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Mozilla | Machine Learning Research Engineer | Berlin, London, Paris | https://mzl.la/2qGIwic

Do you dream of harnessing your machine learning knowledge to enrich users’ lives and to improve their privacy and security while opening up models and data to the world?

If so, you should join Mozilla’s Machine Learning group!

As a Machine Learning Research Engineer at Mozilla you will:

    -Design & deploy machine learning algorithms & models to the open Internet (Initial STT focus)
    -Define research & experiment strategies that iteratively move towards their stated goals
    -Stay on top of the latest machine learning research
    -Present internally and/or externally on internal and/or external research of note
    -Integrate pertinent research into current projects
    -As part of Emerging Technologies, work with the Mozilla organization—finance, legal, product, etc
     in shepherding our work to completion
Your professional profile:

        -A thorough understanding of deep learning algorithms
        -3+ years of machine learning research+engineering experience
        -Ability to apply machine learning to solve business problems
        -Authority in one, or proficiency in more than one, programming language (Python, C++...)
        -Technical fluency, ability to clearly discuss algorithms, architectures, and trade-offs
    Preferred Qualifications
        -PhD in Machine Learning, Mathematics, Physics, or other quantitative field
        -Experience with TensorFlow
        -Project management skills

Are you willing to consider currently enrolled MRes students for an internship/part-time equivalent of this position?

We currently have a filled research intern position. For 2018 we will have a similar research intern position open. But for 2017 the position is filled [https://mzl.la/1Wf4JJh]

Thanks for answering! Let me clarify my question - I was asking about a during-the-school-year internship, not a summer internship. Does Mozilla have something like that, or would Mozilla be open to creating something like that?

same question

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