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Sure, but you're still taking data from outside of your original package scope and running it or allowing it to be run later.

That's just useful. Javascript eval gets a bad rap (entirely in my own opinion) because

1. It's the de-facto language for the web, which both drastically increases the number of inexperienced developers, as well as the total attack surface.

2. Again, as a scripting language for browsers, parsing untrusted user input is a common need. Eval filled the need for parsing, but not the need for trust.

You can absolutely use eval in entirely safe ways. Most people don't, and doing so (especially in JS) is hard. That's because JS has made establishing trust hard. Juuuuust recently, with the introduction of some of the webcrypto work, and the rapid rise of ubiquitous https are we really getting to the point where doing so is really feasible at all.

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