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We would be in a better place with respect to greenhouse gasses. But we're also subject to long term disposal of waste products and high risk of pollution of groundwater, and other water sources. Some of those risks will be risks for thousands of years.

The typical answers from nuclear proponents never cover what to do with the waste product.

Nuclear waste is nuclear fuel.

Also new reactor types have solved all these problems. They can create very little waste that only has to be stored a far shorter time.

The problem is that anti-nuclear people have created a environment where no more research happens and old technology just limps along.

The science is clear, the needed technology is understood, we just need somebody to build it. There are startups who try, but its very difficult.

You send it to Yucca mountain or you treat it for reuse like they do in France.

What was the opening date for Yucca mountain again?

Depends on how much of the original work is still usable, I'd guess ten years after funding it.

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