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As long as reddit allows sub-reddits to display their feeds how they like, they should be fine. reddit's strength is allowing reddit to be tailored to every individual user.

Well the are already phasing out custom subreddit CSS so I don't think it will be part of the new design.


As far as I know, they reversed their decision on getting rid of CSS. A bunch of subreddits decided to rebel against it and they changed their mind.


They're going to work with mods and make sure CSS still works.

making reddit more homogeneous for everyone will probably be a mistake. customization was really what made everyone flock to reddit post digg

Really? I can't stand the custom CSS, feels like every sub Reddit is a unique website. I've had custom CSS disabled for as long as I've used CSS, I thought it was a terrible idea.

The CSS customization really does work wonders for things like sports-related subreddits or national sub-reddits, where you can attach your hometown/county to your profile name, so that everybody can make fun of you and you can make fun or everybody else (the same goes for /r/europe).

I also found CSS customization extremely valuable for the /r/syriancivilwar subreddit, where users can attach the flag of a certain faction from that war to their username: Government, Al-Nusra (or whatever they're called now), the Kurds etc. At some point a couple of years ago there were several users who had the ISIS flag attached to their username. That was an excellent way of knowing where the other party was coming from when writing down their comments.

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