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Yeah, I really appreciate the spartan quality to the UI. IT simply lists the topics, be they link submissions or text-posts, with a score and a comment count.

I also really like the Reddit forum / discussion UI. It makes it very easy to see who is replying to what, and let's you easily hide or collapse away whole uninteresting side-conversations.

I fear any "Facebook-style" visual embellishments will actually make it harder to discover the underlying conversations...

The whole appeal of reddit for me is the conversation - similar to HN.

I don't want a flashy link aggregator, I want bare bones design with a link/img and discussion. That's it.

Anything that tries to model its UX/design on Facebook loses my interest immediately.

I don't like flashy Facebook/Twitter UI either but I wouldn't mind as long as they had an option to switch to "simple/text only UI" or something similar.

"Please select the interface you want: New flashy Facebook-like modeĀ® or Boring text modeĀ®."

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