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Show HN: Failory – Learn from other entrepreneurs' mistakes (failory.com)
108 points by richclominson on July 30, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 31 comments

Sockpuppet accounts and bogus upvotes will get your accounts and sites banned here, so please don't do that.

Not sure if the personal interview model can be scaled as to include an appealing variety of startups. You may want to take a look at these two sites[0:2] that I think do a pretty good job at aggregating the stories of the startups that did not quiet take off.

[0] Collapsed - https://collapsed.co/ [1] Autopsy - http://autopsy.io/

Thanks for the resources! I will check them out. Also thanks for your feedback, we will think how to scale Failory to more startups. If you know of any failed startup please share them our contact.

Yes, I love IH!

I thought it was from the creator of Indie Hackers! Maybe he was doing something new! But still a good resource.. bookmarked for lessons!

Would be awesome to partnership with Courtland!

Yes, it was a great source of inspiration!

What's with the emojis in questions? Distracting to read.

We thought it would make the website a little bit more colorful

Did you find them lacking in color before? FWWI, they give me a childish impression and made me want to insta-close the tab.

You should use one emoji per question and use it as a bullet point. Right now, it looks a bit jarring. Your intuition is correct (a bit of color/playfulness doesn't hurt).

When you say as bullet point, do you mean as in before the text? That's not how to use emoji in general. But a single emoji at any place within the text (as opposed to many of them) is a good idea.

Yeah I mean as bullet point. For example, see my blog: dvt.name. I use emojis as "bullet points" on an unordered list of blog posts.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "how to use emojis in general" -- emojis are just like any other character used in any way that seems to make sense.

Okey, we will take this into account for the following updates. Thanks you!

Nice concept, bookmarked. will check regularly.

Perhaps useful to add is some categorisation and taxonomy.

Good luck!

Thanks for your feedback! We are working on those functionalities.

If this was a podcast I would listen every single week.

We are planning to create a podcast! Suscribe to the newsletter to keep updated

Is the name a wordplay on Fillory?

Haha no, the name of Failory becomes from failure + story. The logo makes reference to a chat + story + colors of failures.

Makes perfect sense, although it would still have been a good fit if it actually were a wordplay on Fillory.

Its true! :)

I guess it's too late to suggest Failboat?

It is actually a good name! Maybe for the podcast...(?)

The plural possessive of entrepreneur is entrepreneurs' (apostrophe after the s).

High quality content!

Thanks and forget to suscribe to our newsletter!

LOL, Why people on HN tend to abuse their power like downvoting unecessarily


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