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That video was much dirtier and louder than I expected. Lots of brute force still involved. Not quite the domain of out of shape hackers. But I guess that's why we build robots.

For anyone who wants a good safe cracking story, this book is excellent: https://www.amazon.com/Flawless-Inside-Largest-Diamond-Histo...

A group of Italians went to Belgium's diamond district and bypassed an very expensive vault door. The best part was using an aerosol can of hair spray attached to a broom to defeat the top of the line motion sensors.

Edit: Can anyone explain why it's a 30 minute test for UL 30x6?

30x6 means 30 min on all 6 sides. Normally safes are installed bolted to concrete and sometimes positioned in a building so only the front or possibly sides are easily accessible to attack, so often the door is far more attack resistant than the rest of the safe. This saves money and mass.

For contrast here's two guys with crowbars opening a non-UL-rated but serious-looking safe in less than 3 minutes.

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