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Honestly, as someone who is leaving "blue-team" network security work for a "DevOps" production team (I know, I know), it's really a mixed bag. I've done blue-team for 2 companies now and honestly the job is more project management than anything else. I found that I was very rarely actually getting hands-on with technology. When implementing a new piece of security tech, we were simply directing other teams to perform most of the the actual technical work (this was the case at both of my "security engineering" jobs). I didn't get any of the satisfaction of building anything, solving problems etc.

The other big thing to note is that a lot of companies have security teams solely to meet audit requirements. If you find yourself on a team like that, you'll be spending a lot of time just gathering evidence for audits, remediating findings and writing policy. I really loved security intellectually, but in practice, the blue-team side of things wasn't my cup of tea.

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