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There are plenty of nice school districts outside of Seattle. Bellevue, Shoreline, Northshore....

Coming from LA, I'm looking forward to cheaper housing prices when I move there next month.

>Bellevue, Shoreline, Northshore

That's the issue. It's all urban flight to suburbs. I live in the inner city and see it every day.

And of course, that means heavy commuting and long drives to where the tech campuses are.

What? Most of the campuses are on the east side. Unless you are working for Amazon or maybe Apple, your commute is super easy from Bellevue vs. Seattle. Coming down 405 from another can suck, however.

Nothing new with east and north side schools being better than Seattle schools. It was that way in the early 90s when I was in HS.

Yeah, I admit I was thinking of Amazon because of personal bias...it's the only PNW company I have any experience with.

Amazon is the perennial company in Seattle, but the Seattle's tech center has always been dominated by the empire Bill built (aka, Microsoft). Google, for example, has two campuses, a smaller one inFremont (which is Seattle), and a much larger one in Kirkland (to attract former MS employees). Ditto for Facebook.

(I just noticed Facebook is located in South Lake Union now as well...that area is getting hot!)

Yes, but Bellevue is itself a cluster of tech and only minutes away from Redmond. Also, I've been told it's like being back in India :)

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