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Whatever happened to telecommuting eventually making it relatively unimportant where you live? Will this happen in the forseeable future, or will the best tech jobs continue in this trend of centralizing around major hubs?

Despite what HN may say, remote working is still fairly rare and highly competitive. Managers will want to see butts in seats for a long time.

Telecommuting/remote/WFH opportunities are as rare as ever. Companies are shying away from it as they begin blaming it for productivity issues that are the fault of completely different problems, e.g. bad management and culture. I don't foresee remote/WFH taking off any time soon.

Nah, they're hiring remote workers like crazy. They're just working very remotely: India.

To me the future is now. I telecommute to a place that's 1400km(875 miles) away. Funny thing is apartments are less expensive in the city in which the office is located, but I choose not to live there.

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