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Their data is obviously broken. If you look at the source, it is "Indeed", which is obviously not an unbiased sample of data.

Let's pick a huge employer in Silicon Valley, Facebook, and search for jobs on Indeed.


Not a single Software Engineer position.

And I really don't think hot San Francisco startups are using Indeed to look for talent, which is why SF falls so low on their rankings

Indeed is a scraper with lots of low quality inventory or as my boss ex Total Jobs director said "shit inventory".

Tier one employers don't normally advertise on indeed


Which is also why Indeed's previous article "Where are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the US" is complete garbage. Shows SV average at $111k. SV and SF have disproportionately high portion of Tier 1 companies and positions, many of which will never show up on Indeed.

How can you talk about SV without Facebook? Facebook has 20k employees, about half of them in SV.

Where do they advertise?

Top-50 universities, reaching out to engineers with reasonable resumes directly and leveraging the networks of their employees with referral bonuses. Plus way more inbound interest than they can easily vet.

So recruiters and referral bonuses.

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