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Atlanta has GT though, which is exploding with both startups and major players investing in on-sight "innovation-centric" locations.

That, and there's some really cool startups in stealth mode I've yet to see mentioned here, some breaking $10m in revenue and others getting funded left and right.

Atlanta is on the rise.

I thought stealth mode meant that a company had yet to launch. Do you mean that they're not pursuing press, just keeping their heads down and making money?

My apologies, I mean that yes their press is non-existent but they're printing money, 2 of which with zero fundraising and 1 who recently passed $1 mil on only $100k investment. They're doing great, GT has several major incubators competing with each other over all the companies being formed by GT's (seemingly recent) push towards startup culture.

Well are you at liberty to say who they are?

Very small companies so.

Be realistic for a minute, they can probably not afford the talents from HN.

Email me?

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