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I'm using a Pi to capture the speeds and pictures of cars as they travel down my road. We then report the speeders to local law enforcement. I recently decided to expand to a 9 camera system (8 security cameras and 1 piCamera) and start capturing video, stills, speeds and car data. I then am able to show that the same car speeds everyday (or however often) and have a lot of useful data to hand over. My next step is to mount a large display on my property that shows the cars in big numbers just how fast they are going.

I bet a screen showing their behaviour is more effective than reporting them to the police.

actually the reporting to local law enforcement has been very effective. They do extra patrols based upon the data and have issues a number of tickets.

One they issued a ticket for 80 in a 35 to a driver at 5:00am and then again the next day the driver did the same thing! Didn't expect them to be there two days in a row.

You might have saved his life - or someone else's. 80 in a 35? Completely insane.

Yeah and sadly these high speeds are common in our rural area. Drivers see a long 2 lane road in the middle of nowhere and just press the gas.

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