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Show HN: Skypad – Simple and Sharable Real-Time Collaborative Notepad (github.com)
49 points by david90 on July 27, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments

Looks really good already. Think there actually is potential to target people for who Google Docs is too overloaded. Like the idea of supporting markdown.

It might also be really useful to support syntax highlighting as I see one use-case for really quick and uncomplicated pair programming.

A quick update - Skypad now supports code highlighting! See it live here: https://skygear-demo.github.io/skypad/#a4bdd786-a950-4be2-88...

Code highlighting sounds really useful. Yet need to improve the collaboration before supporting pair programming perfectly.

Hey this looks great! Does Skygear handle the synchronization logic?

I built my own notepad a while ago too using ShareJS as the syncing library. (http://www.madpad.me/) https://github.com/sifxtreme/madpad

It handles both the saving logic and the pubsub logic. You can view the source in app.js . It took me around 2 hours for this quick project.

Nice tool. I like the simplicity in code and interface.

We did implement real-time collaborative editing for Teamemo (https://teamemo.com) and the real challenge was to support rich text editing.

Are there plans to support rich text?

Nice one! It's a hack project for now - but I actually prefer Markdown support and collaborator indicator next.

It looks like a clone of etherpad to demonstrate skygear. Is that about it, or am I missing something cool (except for the very nice visual design)?

Thanks for the liking the visual. This is a quick hack in an hour to demonstrate how http://skygear.io 's real-time sync and cloud database feature. Yet I am thinking to add more feature to it - markdown support and collaborator marks. Do you have any ideas on that?

Doesn't work for me on Firefox (latest)

same for me, the edit window is very small actualy

Just fixed, appreciate if you'd try again ;)

Very nice. https://github.com/hackpad/hackpad is decent as well.

I wish GitHub used something like that to edit its wikis. Telling me somebody else saved a new version of the doc I'm working on is so uncool.

Pro tip: git clone the wiki and work on it locally. Easier to merge as well

I know, but it's hard to resist editing the document in the web page while talking about it with a remote coworker. No commit, no push, only save. Then I discover he made another edit to the page :-(

I liked much more the workflow when a customer decided to use Google Docs for the technical documentation. We were editing and checking documents live with multiple cursors in the same screen.

Absolutely—they should integrate this kind of workflow into the web UX :D

Oh nice! I didn't realize Hackpad's code got opensource after Dropbox shut it down.

I really† liked Hackpad as a wiki for my team; it was a lot easier to jot down thoughts and better followed the spirit of a wiki (from "quick" in Hawaiian), than the so-called "wikis" we see nowadays that are just bad CMS tools... I'm looking at you, Confluence.

†: enough to be a paying customer.

This is a fork of the Dropbox code as the original is not maintained by them anymore.

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