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Really it's booking.com is worth ~$95B and the rest of those brands combined are worth ~$5B (OpenTable just got written down from an accounting perspective).

There is a huge general misunderstanding in the profitability of directing hotel bookings vs flight bookings or other types of travel consumables. Rate parity and high commission rates mean that directing hotel rooms is hugely profitable and Expedia (hotels.com, trivago, expedia) and Priceline (booking.com) operate as a duopoly in most markets. They are both marketing machines that turn brand + paid traffic into highly profitable room nights.

To further corroborate, I'm working in hotel software at the moment and these sites drive a _ton_ of traffic. 10-15% commissions on every booking they process.

booking.com is such a piece of shit in so many ways: strip-mall aesthetics, horrible data quality (firsthand knowledge here), huge commissions for hotels, and yet, it's a fantastic business.

Probably a good lesson or two here.

Usability on booking.com is decent, search, filters and map view are useful. Things have been getting better elsewhere, so it probably doesn't stand out as much as it did years ago.

Either way, if prices are roughly the same on most sites, I'll go for something that just lets me get the job done. I couldn't care less about aesthetics and commissions if other places can't give me a much better discount while also not getting me angry using their site.

To corroborate your statement, i worked at Booking ~4 years ago, and the internal rumours were that Booking represented ~85% of the PCLN value.

I'm sure it fluctuated since, and from friends still working there, i would guess upwards.

I wonder how much the domain name played in their favor. I recon expedia is older and I'm surprised how far behind they're valuation is to priceline. (Or maybe I'm reading valuation wrong).

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