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I have one running a few home automation type tasks (an IP->serial gateway for my whole-house audio, SDR radio to monitor 4 utility meters [only 2 meters are currently reporting data as my 2 water meters are not reporting usage via radio to me or to the utility], and controlling relays for the sprinkler system). Next steps are I plan to create an Alexa skill that will control the whole-house audio and let me "pause" the sprinklers as needed and integrate with weather forecasting to predict near-future rainfall so I can save water/increase plant health if rain is expected.

I'll be honest: it's a lot of fun, but if I lived 100 lifetimes, it would never save me time on balance. ;)

I also use one to run stratux as another poster mentions. That one saved ~$650 vs buying the COTS solution.

Curious about your SDR meter monitoring. Any links or description of how that works? Would love to monitor my electric and water without using the energy company's devices.

I didn't do any actual hard work. I just used rtl-amr, which was super-easy to grab, compile, and use.


http://bemasher.net/rtlamr/signal.html has information on how it works, but you don't need to do/know anything about the protocol to get it to work.

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