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Of lesser-known books, Avdi Grimm's "Confident Ruby": http://www.confidentruby.com/

Learning Ruby itself was a huge influence to me; hadn't considered that a language should be designed to make programmers "happy", as Matz said. "Confident Ruby" was one of several books that had this human-happiness focus. "Confident" is broken down into patterns, many of which can be found in books like Sandi Metz's POODR, but as a semi-experienced programmer, Grimm's way of writing really appealed to me.

Even the title of the book itself was revelatory to me. The idea that the functions and methods and conventions we create should be rooted in a "confident" mentality (such as the old adage of being promiscuous in what a function accepts, and strict in what it returns) really improved the way I designed code. Not just in terms of technical proficiency, but with less cognitive burden, which ultimately leads to the elegant simplicity we desire in our work.

Ruby makes programmers happy while they're writing their sexy new code base. It makes them cry when it's time to refactor it.

I don't know why you're being voted down.. even Avdi Grimm supports that:


I didn't downvote but I suspect whoever did saw the GP comment as bashing Ruby and being off-topic, even though some of my comment talked about Ruby's philosophy as a whole (though I felt it was important to include the context in which Grimm's philosophy is grounded).

FWIW, I almost never use Ruby today, having switched to Python for both teaching and development purposes. That doesn't mean that learning Ruby didn't influence me. For starters, it taught me the dangers of giving programmers too much syntactic freedom :).

I would not equate refactoring an active project with returning to a dormant project.

Avdi is a phenomenal teacher in my opinion and doesn't get the airtime he deserves. If you use ruby in any capacity, I highly recommend subscribing to his Ruby Tapas.

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