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I did find the original title of the TC article I posted to be needlessly inflammatory but the main premise of the content still stands: Avoiding hiring/investing/being alone in a room with a woman in reaction to sexual-harassment reports is a ridiculous approach for anyone who claims not to be a harasser and agrees that the problem is serious.

> But feel free to keep trying to put out the fire with gasoline. It just makes it clearer to other people on HN that I am not a threat to them and should be included in the conversation as an equal. That works for me.

Amazing that all you can take away from this is that one is trying to put out the fire with gasoline. Discussing issues like sexual harassment is inherently uncomfortable and awkward but you appear to prioritize appearances and your perceived likeability/unverifiable impression of how other HNers perceive you over momentary discomfort. I don't.

I don't find it particularly uncomfortable. I am quite comfortable discussing such things.

The article you posted is incredibly disrespectful of men. It isn't in any way professional. It is openly hostile and disrespectful.

An awful lot of women want to feel safe at work and they see nothing wrong with making men feel very unsafe and attacked in the process of pursuing that aim. It is a broken mental model and you cannot get there from here.

The sheer irony of you extrapolating discussion on an issue that disproportionately affects women (including sometimes resulting in them being physically attacked) to "making men feel very unsafe and attacked". Silly title aside, the post that explains clearly in detail how the avoidance approach is untenable and communicates negatively about the person is "openly hostile and disrespectful"? Despite the long road ahead, recent events show progress is happening as some perpetrators are finally being held accountable. Yet, you claim it's "a broken mental model and you cannot get there from here".

I'm adjourning as I see there's no further constructive discussion to be had here.

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