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> Let's say we are in a simulation and the finite speed of light is just a hack... Then you are implying that, outside of the simulation, speed of light is not finite: otherwise limiting it would not be a hack, but a realistic simulation

Not necessarily. I don't think op is necessarily arguing we're in a simulation. It might simply be that we're looking at things wrong.

We fundamentally believe that computation rests upon physics. What if that's backwards, what if physics rests upon computation - and computation is the most fundamental element of the universe. While it may sound absurd at first, it's no more or less absurd than "natural laws make everything go". Somewhere we have to assert there is a bottom and it is allowed to exist - and it's rules just work. We currently just set that to physics.

But if it were computation instead there could be a law of computation that you can't compute and an "infinite" universe and infinite instant communication due to the multiplicative factor of communicating. And this results in a "speed of information"/light.

Who knows, maybe Brooks Law about software really is a fundamental law of the universe. ;)

Thank you — this is exactly what I had in mind.

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