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From what I've read, one of the issues is that it's very difficult to maintain that extra bandwidth through the Great Firewall of China, resulting in any miners on the other side of where the block was found being at a disadvantage as they will get the blocks too late to be competitive. This will result in mining finally being 100% concentrated in China.

This begs the question: couldn't the Chinese government intentionally delay even small (outgoing) blocks to give Chinese miners an advantage (with either benign or malicious motives)?

Or not even the government but the miners themselves... "Oh our connection is slow [stands strategically in front of router QoS settings]"

That's basically what the "selfish mining" attack is, isn't it?

I think the interesting thing about the government doing it is it doesn't require any coordination between miners within China. They wouldn't even necessarily know it was happening unless they looked for it.

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