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Was disappointed because title is misleading; I had hoped the fund was using actual Algae (i.e. computation in biological medium) to produce market decisions. Instead it is just biologists that are creating algos with their existing machine-learning knowledge. Apparently deep-learning and algae are the same thing.

I was hoping that it like that situation when Caligula replaced a senator with a horse, but rather the hedge fund replaced quants with algae :-)

Didn't the monkey win when they tried that instead?

I'm holding out for a 4-way contest of quant, horse, monkey, and algae. I won't be betting on the winner, either.

isnt there already research to show that the stock and bond market behaviours are theoretically impossible to predict?

Okay, I know you're joking, but this is exactly how I interpreted the title and I was so excited to see a picture of some suits staring at some green water and trying to read it like tea leaves.

Something like this would have been perfect: https://www.wired.com/2010/01/slime-mold-grows-network-just-...

> Apparently deep-learning and algae are the same thing.

That's perhaps the most annoying thing about "machine learning" in general and heuristic algorithms in particular.

These researchers hack together some rules to put together an algorithm, and only after that does the real work start: to come up with a metaphor to explain their model based on some clever story on why they decided to generate random sample points or filter training points.

In the end, the whole field starts to look like a bullshitter's ball, where everyone tries to one-up each other with the biggest bullshit metaphor to sell their an algorithm which is actually only a very minor tweak on an established age-old concept.

"We use particle swarms to generate new solutions, which are then genetically modified and subjected to a darwinian-inspired differential-evolution filter, who are then analised based on the behavior manifested by wolfpacks to search and hunt for their prey, and whose sub-optimal solutions are eliminated by following nature's resource-exhaustion megakill phenomena."

Bullshit all around, but it sells.

I hoped that the fund was investing in companies producing GMO algae to solve large problems: carbon sequestration, energy production, toxin remediation, etc.

I love how so many people on HN can read a strange news article title and came up with so many different imaginative interpretations of what it means.

My first thought was that they ask algae for stock tips like the magic conch shell of Spongebob :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu5SJcNp0J0

i came here for the algaerithms, was disappointed.

Deep-sea learning.

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