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Was curious and tried this out a bit on Linux+X11 on an i7 6700k with the igpu:

             stdout [MB/s]  idle 50 [ms]
    urxvt             34.9          19.8
    xterm              2.2           1.9
    rxvt               4.3           7.0
    aterm              6.0           7.0
    konsole           13.1          13.0  note: stops moving when printing large file
    terminator         9.1          29.4  note: stops moving when printing large file
    st                23.0          11.2
    alacritty         45.5          15.5

Nice.. I've apparently gravitated myself to the fastest of the lot naturally..

Side note: was supervising some kid who absolutely couldn't believe that the reason his 'workstation was locking up' was that he was catting giant logfiles in a second pane of his single-process gnome terminal.. I told him to use Xterm or something else, since they spawned one process per window, and he tried for a while, but went back, and continued to complain, because just couldn't believe that the terminal could get bogged down, and further, missed his pretty anti-aliased fonts.


Can you paste or describe your measuring technique?

For the throughput I created a file with 1 GB of random source code and ran `time cat file`

Latency for input: https://github.com/pavelfatin/typometer

Could you try terminology as well?

I really like terminology :) Can you test yakuake and kmscon[0] also?

EDIT: [0] https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/kmscon/

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