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Technical recruiting platform Triplebyte opens for business in New York (techcrunch.com)
56 points by janober on July 18, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 29 comments

There is so much opportunity in the tech recruiting/jobhunting industry. So many pain points for applicants (and likely for companies as well). Job postings are mostly a joke. Recruiters, while well-meaning, often seem like they are taking shots in the dark. Networking is only workable to the few with contact lists stuffed full of hiring managers. It feels like a totally dysfunctional dating pool full of people complaining they can't find partners. Judging by the number of "hiring is broken" discussions that pop up here from time to time, it seems that everyone agrees that the area is overripe for massive disruption.

These guys seem to be at least a step in the right direction, kind of a "buyers agent" for candidates. Too bad they only work with programmers at this point. Wonder if they have plans to expand into other technical (but not programming) roles like engineering managers and project managers. I'd +1 them going in that direction.

The sub I mod (r/cscareerquestions) held a popular AMA with a TripleByte co-founder for anyone looking to see some of their responses to questions about their work.


The number one request since we launched has been expanding to more locations and top of the list has been New York. We're working on expanding to more locations through the rest of the year.

We'll also be opening up for remote engineers and companies. If you're a company hiring remote engineers, I'd love to hear from you - harj at triplebyte.

Hi Harj,

I didn't see an answer to this on yr FAQ for candidates, and I think it's pretty important from privacy standpoint: Do candidates have total control over which companies you will reach out to on their behalf?

Yes 100%, we do not reach out to any companies, or share any information with them, until you've marked them as a company you want to speak with.

Love the idea opening this up to remote engineers. Looking forward to that.

Really glad to see intended support for remote engineers.

Now you're talkin'!

Has anyone used Triplebyte in the bay area, to either find a job, or to hire a candidate?

I worked with them just three months ago and had a fantastic experience. My limited years of professional experience and a mostly academic background made it difficult for me to get interviews through normal channels, but working with Triplebyte opened a lot of doors. I fell in love with one of the companies they recommended to me, and the whole process was incredibly smooth.

I found a job through them - they were very valuable. Putting me in touch with companies I hadn't heard of, wrangling interview schedules, etc. All great. Prior to working with them, it was challenging to even get phone screens scheduled.

I've interviewed candidates from them - they're also really great for this.

Yup, from out of town. A+++. I have no formal experience in software, and a STEM but not CS bachelors. It was very hard, even with a really good social network, to get interviews before them. They got me five onsites and a great job. It's rigorous to get selected by Triplebyte, but by no means crazy.

I'm working with them now as a candidate. Huge, dramatic thumbs up. Skipping first-round interviews saved enough time that I could talk to a lot of companies that I wouldn't have otherwise.

I used them and was very pleased with the experience. The recruiting process was both interesting and very fair, I got opportunities to present where my strengths were, and also got challenged out of my comfort zone. I think they were doing a good job screening candidates to identify the kind of roles they would be a good fit for. They put me in touch with a bunch of very interesting companies, and eventually I got an offer and they were helpful again with the negotiation, helping me find the right words to define my expectations and communicate them to the companies. always recommend them to any of my friends looking for a gig in a tech company.

TripleByte has been awesome, literally started a new job 3 days ago, almost one month to the day from when I started looking for a job. As others have said, TripleByte opened doors I wasn't able to open myself. It was a great experience. I'm the second TripleByte hire at my company and it seems like they've really enjoyed the experience as well.

It sounded like they do a heck of a job with logistics if you're currently not in the bay area but want to land a job here.

I found by current job (at Reddit) through them. It was a really great experience.

Lots of news in the recruiting space today. Although Google Hire seems like more of a workflow application, I wonder if specialized recruiting platforms like Triplebyte might be at risk in the near future. With access to so much data throughout it's ecosystem, is it possible that Google can train ML models to pre-screen candidates at significantly lower cost?

It's a shame this article makes TB sound like basically just another recruiting firm... or if you want to be downright cruel about it, a staffing agency plus technical interviews. Maybe that's how the writer sees it, but it seemed like TB had some somewhat more reformative ideas about the process than that, didn't they?

Never heard of these guys before, but seems like a good idea.

The Candidate FAQ was pretty good. https://triplebyte.com/candidate_faq

Does anyone else get the impression that Triplebyte is run by elitist humble-bros? It really sets off my smug detector for some reason, but I don't know why.

Elitist humblebro sounds like a character out of a Silicon Valley RPG

Well my friend worked with their head recruiter and I didn't get that sense at all.

FWIW this is not the impression I've gotten from them. Of course, I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I'm very bullish on their model and the people that I've met there are wonderful.

Not really, but I also don't know what an elitist humble-bro is.

What's a humblebro?

I had a little bit of contact with them earlier in the year and was fairly pleased with the experience.

based on what?

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