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Fake Obama speech is the beginning of the end of video evidence (boingboing.net)
25 points by dctoedt 188 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Fortunately this will counteract a total lack of privacy caused by ubiquitous microscopic drones and cameras. You come forward with a celebrity/political/ceo sex tape? There is no difference between the "real" tape and thousands of already synthetic ones; no one could know the difference. In other words, this technology will return privacy to everyone by allowing us to all "hide" in plain sight.

I dare say deaf people who lip read could pick it, with forewarning I could see discrepancies.

Yeah same. Seems to struggle with sounds that require more vertical shapes, or closed lips for short periods

Politicians/business/others will have to cryptographically sign their official audio/video

I don't know, this doesn't really impress me. It's not that hard to do using After Effects. Also, they're still using his real voice, if you're going to fake something like this, you have to have the person say something they never said.

look into project voco, a feature that was introduced to Adobe Creative product suite last year or so...you can make anyonr say virtually anything, by typing in text. This combined with video manipulation can be very effective.

“In this video, the digital Mr. Obama says things that the carbon-based Obama never said.”

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