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Everything about React events (with live exercises) (reactarmory.com)
43 points by jamesknelson 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Author here, glad people seem to have found this one useful and would be happy to answer any questions!

One of my recent discoveries in React was that it doesnt transpile/transcribe HTML (jsx), but the HTMLDOMElement API.

Many guides which say something about how prop resolving works say something abiut how it is similar to writing HTML, but with a few extra gotchas ("HTML attributes can’t be functions?! Since React Elements are plain old JavaScript objects, you can add anything to an element ..."), while it is actually a unifying wrapper around the HTMLDOM browser APIs (when using ReactDOM, of course). Saying that ReactDOM is extended from HTML leads to confused developers expecting react to handle props of certain types in a consistent way over props, which it doesn't [0].

So, if possible, could you update this guide to help prevent these misconceptions? Other than that, this looks like a great guide for starting react developers!

[0] https://github.com/facebook/react/issues/9220

I can highly recommend anything written by James. His previous "Learn Raw React" post ( http://jamesknelson.com/learn-raw-react-no-jsx-flux-es6-webp... ) is one of my most frequently recommended articles for people who want to understand the basics of React without any buzzwords, and his new site builds on that approach with a bunch of interactive examples.

For anyone looking for more info past that, you may be interested in my React/Redux links list at https://github.com/markerikson/react-redux-links .

Are they really "custom events" if they don't bubble up?

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