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90% would likely be covered by a TB or 2. That would not work for marketing.

What would work for marketing if you can't compete on the raw number game is framing the amount - like Apple did with "1000 songs in your pocket".

If you want to design a cap - Goog probably has an idea of the kinds of file people store (whether it's pics or docs or videos or sheets etc...), pick a number of those that's impressive and is just lower than what your 10% power users has, and then use that to influence the package size.

2TB of files can easily be turned into "half a million photos" or like their previous ad campaigns, show how it can store every photo from birth to university for your kid or something. Or a love letter every day from first date to goodbye.

If you can't compete on the number, don't compete on the number.

I prefer "libraries of Congress" as my storage unit of choice.

I suppose a new storage unit is in order: "SoundClouds".

It is amusing to trace the arguments in this thread. We went from "abusing unlimited storage is why we can't have nice things" to "well, don't call it unlimited if it isn't" to "but marketing doesn't like that".

This is why I so strongly prefer services that don't bullshit me. Tell me what you're exactly selling, for how much[1]. If promise to livestream setting your marketing department on fire, I'll pay double.

[1] If it is free, I already know what it costs and am not interested, thanks.

Over a million megabytes of storage!

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