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I looked into Kurento, which made a promising first impression.

But I have the feeling, most WebRTC stuff is badly documented, proprietary and/or outdated.

Hasn't Kurento development ground to a halt since they were bought out by twillo?

Twillio acquihired most of the staff and some proprietary bits, but the opensourve part is still alive and the Kurento project is starting to get out of the halted state. A new version will get released in the coming days. Also the new team is building upon Kurento to make a simpler layer with the more specific use case of group video calling, named Openvidu.

Yes, seemingly.

That was my experience with it. However, I was trying to use the native android build, and I believe the browser version is much better about that stuff.

I looked into WebRTC for a few days and had the same issues with the docs you folks mentioned. What is up with that? My sense was that WebRTC is just a repackaging of many existing standards so it isn't a new tech by itself. The challenge some of us are having is that we are not familiar with each of the underlying technologies. I felt I should revise SIP, and NAT traversals before I have a hope of cracking WebRTC.

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