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You still cannot effectively block every adult site even at an ISP level. There will always be smaller sites on the fringe that get missed.

It's basically the same problem as preventing online piracy.

And honestly - I suspect this will have the bigger effect of encouraging actual porn piracy instead of porn streaming. Wonderful way to re-introduce the popularity of a porn collection.

They don't need to block 100% of all sites for it to be effective. It's the same with the lock on your home, the password on your phone, the lack of a fence or wall along the length of the border. It's "good enough".

I think you're underestimating the determination kids have for accessing content they are told they can't have.

"good enough" here isn't good enough.

I'm going to draw parallels with online piracy again, where countless DRM and legal (both through legislation and litigation) efforts are made to curb piracy yet rarely make a dent on the numbers of people who access copyrighted content illegally via one means or another.

I confirm, their mobile blocking in the UK does not work very well, sometimes it also even blocks non-porn websites randomly.

Off topic but if you're using Three I suggest you use the "3internet" APN - it has no effect on billing but you bypass any filters and get a direct connection with your own IP address (no NAT) and no filtering proxy in between.

Oh, that's good to know, I will use that now! Thank you!

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