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> Tapping the card to the NFC terminal is super easy. You don't even need to take your card out of the wallet if its in front.

The whole point here is how to entirely get rid of the wallet. your ID, your cards, receipts, parking tickets etc should all be digital. in fact, that is exactly what WeChat/Alipay are offering or battling for.

WeChat based ID card with approval from the Public Security Bureau: https://www.huxiu.com/article/169540.html

I'm more likely to always have a wallet on me than a phone on me. The base notion that a phone is literally essential to daily life but a wallet is not has yet is not a proven assumption.

Many Chinese don't drive, so going wallet free is more feasible.

> should all be digital

I don't know what it means, but reading this all I could think was how there is absolutely no way Penndot is ever going to make Drivers Licenses in PA digital. Ever. They only just let people register to renew online like 2 years ago. You still have to drive to the DMV anyway, you can just sign up to get it renewed in advance for "fast processing".

State institutions resist technology to a pathological degree. At least in regards to ease of constituent use. They all have websites and have facebook groups and such, but they (by law, usually) never use it to improve the experience interacting with them.

Actually this is a terrifying prospect. I can just imagine being arrested because the ID network is down. You people need to watch Black Mirror.

I find the idea that I could be arrested for not having a physical ID at least as terrifying.

You must be a very scared person then.

Not really. I'm quite certain that arresting me for not carrying ID would be illegal in the United States. Note that in some states I might be required to identify myself, but simply stating my full name counts; I don't have to have a physical government-issued ID. Similarly, I am required to carry a driver's license when driving, but forgetting my license at home will at most result in a ticket.

There's just no plausible scenario where I get arrested and taken to jail simply for not having a physical ID with me.

You're quite wrong. It's happened to me.

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