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And of course, there's the "buy a full set of interchangeable socks" approach. I did this a few years ago and it's great. Pairing socks seems trivial but saving 10-20 minutes a week, every week, for minimal investment (I needed socks anyway) is a huge win.

One caveat, though - if you do this, commit to it. Don't do what I did and keep one or two pairs of non-conforming socks just because I liked them. Because now they just recirculate through my sock drawer, gumming up my otherwise perfect system. :P

Sounds like you need a second container. I went for a full set of black socks and black underwear, and all anomalous socks/underwear that survived the QC process sit on the other side of a piece of cardboard I blu-tac'd to the draw. It works, and I find myself a fruitful object of comedy.

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