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Show HN: Find Remote Work (findremote.work)
114 points by max0563 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 50 comments

"The best place to find remote jobs."

I get really annoyed when such blatantly false statements are slapped onto a website. If you can't say that honestly then it is a great opportunity to be creative with messaging and say something that adds value.

This has been a pet peeve of mine for as long as I've been running online businesses. Our competitors are always #1... all of them, at the same time.

It's PIMM (pre-Internet marketing mindset).

Execs or Companies with PIMM have trouble adjusting to the concept that transparency is now often the best way to build trust and strong customer connections to a product, service, company.

They don't realize even when they are wrong or make mistake transparency can still come out ahead.

They don't realize that if you are trying to for example, sell a TV, creating expensive, buzzword laden, high production value marcom, might not be as effective as having a couple of employee subject matter experts make videos for youtube and provide unvarnished, useful information.

I'd say the opposite: claiming to be #1 even if you were set up yesterday (and - something of a tangent - striving to be #1 more than striving to be profitable) is the defining paradigm of the internet marketing era.

In the pre-internet marketing era you actually had a well established #1 job board for each vertical at the back of a printed trade publication full of expensively-created content to try to build customer connections to classified advertising. In the internet marketing era, people that want jobs Google $industry jobs and find a whole bunch of established or brand new identikit job boards often syndicating the same job ads paid for by the same central supplier, each claiming to be #1 (or "the best" or "biggest choice" or similar) because their metrics suggest making such boasts increases search clickthroughs and return visits.

How about:

A good place to find remote work.

I/We try our best to find you good remote work.

Still sends the message and positions the service as one that is for the benefit of the user.

How about:

"Weekend/class project where I managed to implement a form for submitting jobs and a search box, together with the backend. Planning to turn it into an actual website for submitting and searching remote jobs, which will be better than the alternatives because..."

It would definitely get much better reception and honest criticism.

Not sure it was done purposely here, but frequently the "Best Such and Such" wording is used for Google, which in turn is because that's what people search for. Those seeking higher Google SERP rankings (everyone) are rewarded for using phrases like "Best Cloud Storage" as their title, h1, and in the description text. I agree with you though, and it'd be nice to see this go away, but it won't until Google changes how this works (or perhaps they already did, but websites assume they're still on to something).

why do you care? it's a Show HN, it's obviously just the tagline the one dev made up to show off a weekend project to their internet colleagues.

So its not the best right now, but at least they have a goal.

Not specific to this site, but the cavalier use of this type of statement bothers me because I highly value honesty, integrity, ethics, etc. even on the internet where accountability is limited.

If that line is truly their goal then why not just say that,

"Building the best place to find remote jobs"

That small change honestly communicates why the site exists, why I should be interested in it and why there are limited legitimate job postings at the moment. It also tells me that this site is still evolving and I should check back.

Bah, I've had job interview "take home" projects that were about at this level of difficulty.

Note to employers: "Implement a simple REST service in language X" is getting really, really old. You ought to be able to come up with something more challenging that isn't such a boring time sink.

You got to add moderation.

This is what I see out there:

    Title                  Company           Posted
    df                     df                21 minutes ago
    Forum Spammer          Find Remote       29 minutes ago
    Your mother            Definitely        32 minutes ago
    Chief Sharting Officer Farts and Sharts  2 hours ago
    Wizard's Assistant     SICP Inc.         3 hours ago
    Failed Engineer        Doogle            3 hours ago
    Fart Engineer          Farts Anonymous   5 hours ago

A remote fart engineering position!

Great! I've been looking for a remote position for ages. The on-site work has taken a toll.

As chief sharting officer, it's really nice to be able to work from home

Brought to you by HN... how lame.

Needs a moderation policy. The #1 posting is currently "Fart engineer"

That can't be right, I was told this was the best place to find remote jobs.

... and a Fart Engineer is not an awesome remote job? I wonder how they would control your "output"....

They offer free lunches.

You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?

I was sad that it led to a 500 page. I was interested in that position :(

Finally! I was beginning to think nobody out there valued my skills

Funny enough, when I was younger I worked in the game and simulation industry, at the time, we where working on a game that was pretty popular. Anyways, one of the devs comes running in the audio guys office and yells dude turn on the mic, he then proceeds to fart into the mic. The audio guy then stretches it out so it's got this long weird sound to it, we all laugh then a few days later I compile and am running thru a level, pick up a blaster pull the trigger and hear that sound. About that time, the audio guy comes over and is like WTF is going on in here, because I am laughing (loud) uncontrollably (his office was right next to mine), and he was like oh I see you fired the blaster. It made it thru to production as all the execs loved it, the three of us would just giggle every time the game was demoed. Just wanted you to know that your skill may actually be valued.

TIL I need to switch industries

wouldnt want to be QA at that place xD

I wanted to apply, but both this and the Wizard position don't work. It seems anything with an apostrophe throws a 500.

When I applied, they said the queue was backed up.

Someone just posted one with the full text of War and Peace as the company name. Let this be a lesson kids: always validate your input.

Tried to apply for the position of Fart Engineer but it led to a 500 error page.

Also tried to apply. At least 60 years worth of experience, if you consider accelerated rate of practice. Disappointed in 500. Thhhbbbttt.

4th time this site was submitted. 157 days for HN to notice there's no moderation, and off to the front page she goes...

Better place to find remote jobs: http://remotive.io

You mean better than the best (TM) place to find remote work? How's that even remotely (haha) possible?

Well... the form certainly works. I guess.

Seeing 'Boobie Inspector' and 'Fart Master' in the list really does illustrate the internet for you.

Really. Just... don't trust people...

It may be beneficial to check what kind of URLs the job posters can submit as Job Urls, it's a popular attack vector

The fictive jobs actually look kind of fun. Maybe you can expand on this and gamify it a little.

Super simple idea but laughable implementation - people trying SQL injections and just spamming the shit out of it means it becomes completely useless.

I wouldn't even have that online.


EDIT: put url to imgur instead of direct

I like the UI a lot. Were the jobs currently listed posted by the companies or you? Really cool if former.

Sorry for Zalgo'ing your form.

No responsive site in 2017?

stackoverflow careers finds you remote work rather than you finding it

I have not seen any leads on remote work through SO Careers.

Maybe I'm blacklisted, or just terrible at my job and don't know it.

I got my current position through SO Careers. :)

Can you explain how that works? It looks just like a normal job search engine to me

Me? I can't tell you how it works, I could guess. But in terms of the experience, it just serves you up jobs. Seems pretty good at it though. Probably using some sort of AI NLP stuff as I get the best matches over any other one for remote consulting type work which isn't as easy to come by. I actually wrote one of those recruiting tools by scraping stack and github and used nlp with some deep linking logic stuff with neo4j. They didn't do anything with it though.

Well that became a shambles fast

kudos to whoever posted the entirety of war and peace

diarrhea testing engineer????wtf...

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