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For the clothes it's as simple as creating a LIFO system of some sort... for example putting the clean laundry at the bottom of the drawer (underneath what's in there), or the end of the closet rack.. and pulling the day's clothes from the top of the stack or the other end of the closet rack.

And of course, there's the "buy a full set of interchangeable socks" approach. I did this a few years ago and it's great. Pairing socks seems trivial but saving 10-20 minutes a week, every week, for minimal investment (I needed socks anyway) is a huge win.

One caveat, though - if you do this, commit to it. Don't do what I did and keep one or two pairs of non-conforming socks just because I liked them. Because now they just recirculate through my sock drawer, gumming up my otherwise perfect system. :P

Sounds like you need a second container. I went for a full set of black socks and black underwear, and all anomalous socks/underwear that survived the QC process sit on the other side of a piece of cardboard I blu-tac'd to the draw. It works, and I find myself a fruitful object of comedy.

It can be more complicated than that. The next shirt in line is on the ironing board, not in the closet. I have to wear a tie today! I'm pulling a shirt from down the line. Can I also have a reminder of which pants go best with that shirt? I didn't do laundry yet so half my pants aren't available. Now I did do laundry, so half my pants have only one wear left in them and half have two.

Here's a <a href="http://i.imgur.com/VNJ08Ra.png">screenshot</a> of the thing I made in Flask to keep track. Orange needs to be washed next time I wear it, red needs to be washed now.

Maybe you're overcomplicating it? Pulling the next shirt in line is a suggestion, not a requirement. Maybe you want the second or third shirt in the queue. A small amount of common sense is required, but less than if you were looking at your entire wardrobe at once with no other information about it, and trying to make a decision.

I just wear the same thing thing each day, or close enough. Being married Middle Aged male Dev nobody cares as long as I don't smell and I'm reasonably neat. I certainly don't care, nobody to impress.

Having five sets of the same clothes certainly makes life easier. And when I finally do change my attire the office gets a laugh out of the fact I actually went into a clothes shop.

just wear one outfit. I measured 3 different shirts against same jeans, and shoes for six weeks, counted which got the most complements, and wear just that now.

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