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Ask HN: What can an engineer do in southern Africa?
4 points by bigappleguy 95 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
I'm an electronic/embedded engineer, and would like to put my skills to use in southern Africa. I have no contact or knowledge of the industry there. My question for HN is this: what are the greatest unmet engineering needs in southern Africa? How can a humble engineer contribute?

Any info would be super appreciated!

I run a small software company in Zambia and quite aware of the needs here.

Unmet needs include: Power generation (Solar/Wind setups), Building natively useful electronic devices - if you see my other post, I am looking for some farm security devices, agriculture technology that actually (not cosmetically) helps people.

I can think of a number of things.

What kind of software company do you run? I joined the BongoHive slack community a couple of months ago and have been slowly learning about the Zambian tech scene.

We are in E-health so focused on writing software for E-health platforms as well as supporting the government in deploying these solutions in our environment.

Got a link to your site?

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