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How do you automate these?

For breakfast, I decided to stop trying different cereals and stick to oatmeal. Been a horse for about 2 years now. Same with lunch - find 5 reasonable choices in the office caf, repeat.

For work clothes, I have 5 decent combos which I repeat M-F. Doesn't bother me to repeat. Helps that I'm a dev so I'm always Feynman-ing myself away from unnecessary meetings and face time with business side clients.

For commute routes, I watched my phone's gps for a few weeks, tried different routes, seeded new ideas for routes and detours by brute forcing options into the backend and now I can consistently get home within 50 mins of leaving work which includes driving down a few floors of parking at 10-15 mph. I used to take anywhere between 45-90 minutes before. Plus my mpg is usually at a respectable 26-28 mpg for a midsize sedan.

Hope this helps.

Habit probably.

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