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Since I have a toddler in longing for a house with a garden which starts ar 800k EUR in pleasant neighborhoods in Amsterdam now, which is above my paygrade. So i wrote a script that compares surrounding towns on a number of metrics (4+ rated restaurants per citizen for instance) and let's me know when there are houses for sale with a garden facing south (or north but only if it's sufficently long that we are likely to enjoy some sun (10m+), etc.

So far this has not resulted in us buying a house and the hours that went into the project would have probably long paid for a good real estate agent :)

At the moment, you will not successfully find a house without paying a realtor. They can view entries into the Funda(1) database before they're publicized. Source: acquaintained photographer who exclusively works for realtors.

(1) Funda.nl is a real estate website that more or less has a monopoly in The Netherlands.

Interesting! Any chance you might make the script public?

Great idea. Never thought about it but why not to find the perfect place. The time will come and you'll find your space.

Is it general purpose enough to be used outside Amsterdam with minor modifications?

This is rly cool

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